Practical guide to Angkor Wat

In my last two posts I described the main temples in Amgkor Wat. Yesterday I spent a third day exploring some of the more remote, smaller constructions around Angkor Wat. More on that shortly but Id like to provide some practical tips for visiting Angkor Wat here first. For me this trip is part ofContinue reading “Practical guide to Angkor Wat”

Ta Prohm and Angkor Thum

Today I had the pleasure of visiting Ta Prohm and Angkor Thum. Angkor Thum is the ruins of the ancient capital city of the Khmer empire and contains the Bayon temple and the Baphuan temple as well as many, many more. The complex sits on a 9 km squared walled site with beautiful gated entrancesContinue reading “Ta Prohm and Angkor Thum”