Powerscourt House and Gardens

While tour guiding with  Trafalgar ( see Trafalgar US Homepage )  I have the opportunity to visit many of Ireland’s most beautiful and renowned places including Blarney Castle, Glendalough and The Cliffs of Moher. That certainly includes Powerscourt house located about an hours drive from Dublin. The gardens are beautifully laid out, proportioned and expertly maintained. PowerscourtContinue reading “Powerscourt House and Gardens”

A day trip to Charlesfort

Ordinarily at this time of year I am busy guiding with Trafalgar Tours and bringing guests to all parts of the country such as Glendalough, Powerscourt house and Gardens, the Cliffs of Moher or Blarney Castle, but I am blessed to have many beautiful and indeed historic spots close to home also. One such spotContinue reading “A day trip to Charlesfort”

A visit to Glendalough

      Glendalaugh is a beautiful valley in the heart of Wicklow. It is famed both for its monastic heritage and natural beauty. I have been there many times as a Travel Director with Trafalgar Tours ( see Trafalgar US Homepage ) but I wanted to visit myself to explore the hiking trails moreContinue reading “A visit to Glendalough”

Country Under Wave – An Irish Story

No day in this realm is without its beauty. But it takes a special kind of spirit to appreciate these grey, sunless days of our nascent Spring. “The hungry gap”, it used to be called as winter stocks were depleted and the land  gave little or nothing  amidst the coldest, bleakest months of the year.Continue reading “Country Under Wave – An Irish Story”

A Trip to Dingle

I went to Dingle last weekend in the company of the new lady in my life. We stayed in the Dingle Skellig Hotel. The hotel is the best in Dingle and one of the best in Kerry. It features a spa and leisure center, a range of lovely rooms, a beautiful restaurant and a veryContinue reading “A Trip to Dingle”

A history of the railway in Ireland

I love trains. I think they are beautiful. They seem to both rumble and ghost across the countryside. Travel is both luxurious and communal. They echo with the spirit of an earlier time; a time when rail was the only way to get people and goods around,  a time when travel was sacred and specialContinue reading “A history of the railway in Ireland”

Blarney Castle

Blarney castle with its famous Blarney stone is high on the agenda for most tourists. The thing to do is to climb to the top of the castle where you lean into the machicolation ( gap between floor opening at top of castle through which oil or projectiles could be hurled at attackers) and kissContinue reading “Blarney Castle”

Giant’s Causeway

Perched on the North Eastern edge of Ireland, if you travel through the loyalist towns with their Union Jack flags, lies one of my favourite spots in the country, the giants causeway.  The causeway is a strange looking series of hexagonal basalt column’s that extend a few hundred meters into the ocean. There they sit andContinue reading “Giant’s Causeway”

Cliffs Of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher are one of Ireland’s most visited tourist sites and easily the most visited attraction outside of Dublin. The cliffs themselves rise up to 214 metres above sea level and the sheer vertical descent makes for wonderful, dramatic views. On a clear day one can see the Aaran islands in Galway bayContinue reading “Cliffs Of Moher”