( please note Jameson Middleton Distillery is currently closed ( November 2023) due to flooding in October 2023 ( see https://www.jamesonwhiskey.com/en-ie/visit-our-distilleries/midleton-distillery-cork/# for current updates)

Whiskey Jokes

Here are a couple of whiskey jokes to get us started. This first one is one i like to tell on tour –

Mikey emigrated from Ireland to New York and gets a job working in construction. No matter where he is working in the city however, he always found his way to Molly’s his favourite Irish pub in the city and invariably orders three whiskies. The first time he does this, the barman asks him why he is ordering three whiskies to which he replies – ” when I left Ireland I promised my two brothers id have a whiskey for each of them every day while we all still live” – this goes on for fifty years. And then one Thursday evening Mikey shows up and orders two whiskies. Im terribly sorry says the barman, did something happen to one of your brothers. – “Ah no”, says Mikey,” Ive decided to quit drinking”

and on a more subtle ( adn slightly surreal note

Whiskey is like a good friend. It’s always there for you, especially when you need it the most – like after a hard day dealing with people

Enough jokes – onwards and upwards and sideways with the blog

My Visit to Jameson ( finally)

As a tour guide it is my pleasure and privelidge to visit many of the attractions in Ireland. Having worked in tourism for over ten years now, I have visited the Jameson distillery a few times but actually not for a number of years. So naturally I was delighted to be back. To be honest ( and to my shame), it was also my first time doing the tour. On previous occasions, I was too tied up with paper work to take the tour. It is remarkable I hadn’t done the tour previously however, as Jameson is only a half an hour from where i live in Cork. Typical of us tour guide’s to ignore our own back yards !

Anyway, I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. I do enjoy the occasional whiskey and the history of the brewery is fascinating as it links the agricultural and industrial history of Ireland. Our guide was excellent and I must say I approve of the human touch. If I was to compare it with the Guinness Storehouse for example which is also a wonderful visitor experience ( you can read my review here), it can occasionally be a little impersonal. Having a dedicated guide for our group ( of about 40) added a welcome personal touch. The guide was affable, friendly and knowledgeable and gave a great tour encompassing both the history of the brewery and he was also very knowledgeable about the contemporary brewery which of course continues to export Irish whiskey all over the world

Morning whiskey ( or two)

This was also my last tour of the season and I was getting on great with the group so I was really in the mood to enjoy the experience. While I have always regarded an afternoon pint as a rare joy, lending a transcendant , perhaps even giddy, edge to a winters afternoon, the morning whiskey is something I have not really accustomed myself too ( and probably shouldn’t !). In reality I didn’t consume that much whiskey but it still threw a pleasant glow on the morning. ( I probably shoulda had breakfast though!)

The whiskies were, of course, delicious and delectable. In the tasting we sampled three different whiskies. If I remember correctly they were Jameson black barrel, a midleton and a red breast. My favourite was probably the Jameson. There was also an included whiskey at the end of the tour.

The tour itself

We started with a tour of the old distillery which was interesting and informative. We learned about the mashing of the barley, the fermentation and the multiple distillations required to make whiskey. The aging process was also expertly described by our guide.

It was interesting to learn that the site was chosen as the main distillery due to the barley that can be grown successfully in the south east of Ireland. While Ireland has a reputation as a rainy country, this part of Ireland is known as the sunny south east and enjoys a sunnier, drier climate than the West coast in particular, and is ideal for growing barley.

We finished up with a little whiskey tasting as mentioned above.

History of the distillery

The Jameson Distillery in Midleton, County Cork, Ireland, is an iconic establishment with a rich history dating back over two centuries. Its story is intertwined with the history of Irish whiskey itself, making it a landmark in the world of spirits.

The story of the Jameson Distillery begins in 1780 when John Jameson, a Scottish lawyer, acquired the Bow Street Distillery in Dublin. John Jameson’s vision and commitment to producing high-quality whiskey laid the foundation for the success of the Jameson brand. In 1820, the Bow Street Distillery began distilling its famous triple-distilled whiskey, a practice that continues at Midleton today.

As the popularity of Jameson Irish whiskey grew, so did the need for expansion. In the late 18th century, to accommodate increased production and better access to quality ingredients, John Jameson’s son, John Jameson II, made the pivotal decision to move the distillery from Dublin to Midleton, County Cork. This move to Midleton allowed for greater access to the region’s exceptional barley and pure water, essential ingredients in whiskey production.

By the 19th century, Jameson had become one of the largest and most reputable distilleries in Ireland. The Midleton distillery grew in size and sophistication, incorporating modern equipment and techniques while maintaining the traditional craftsmanship that defines Irish whiskey. This approach played a significant role in setting Jameson apart from other whiskey producers.

In 1966, the Midleton Distillery became the hub for all Jameson production, uniting the various distilleries owned by the Irish Distillers Group. This move was a crucial step in consolidating Jameson’s position as a leading Irish whiskey brand and ensuring the whiskey’s consistent quality and flavor.

Throughout the years, the Midleton Distillery has continued to innovate. It introduced several new expressions of Jameson, including Jameson Black Barrel, Jameson Caskmates, and Redbreast Irish whiskey, which have garnered acclaim from whiskey enthusiasts around the world. The distillery is also responsible for producing other well-known Irish whiskey brands like Powers and Green Spot.

In 1988, the Jameson Experience visitor center was established at the Midleton Distillery, opening its doors to the public. This provided an opportunity for whiskey enthusiasts to learn about the history and production process of Jameson Irish whiskey. The visitor center offers guided tours, tastings, and interactive exhibits, making it a popular destination for tourists and whiskey aficionados.

In recent years, Jameson has continued to expand its global reach, becoming one of the most recognized Irish whiskey brands worldwide. Its success can be attributed to the commitment to traditional methods, quality ingredients, and the pioneering spirit that began with John Jameson in the 18th century.

Today, the Jameson Distillery in Midleton, Cork, stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Irish whiskey production. It combines history, innovation, and craftsmanship, allowing visitors to experience the heritage and flavor of this iconic Irish spirit. The Midleton Distillery remains at the heart of the Jameson brand, producing exceptional whiskey that is cherished and celebrated by people across the globe.

Visiting Jameson Distillery

Jameson Distellery is located in Middleton about a half an hour drive from Cork city. If you are driving between Cork and Waterford it makes for a very convenient and pleasant stop. There is also a train service to Midleton from Cork city and a good bus service too. Tours ( with tasting) available from 26Euro but please note Jameson Middleton is currently closed due to flooding in October 2023

Traveling to Ireland

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